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Named Patient Medicines India

Global access to Specialty & Lifesaving Medicines has been made simple and easy because of Named Patient Medicines. Noel Biotech advocates for Named Patient Services (NPS) in India, assisting Patients, Physicians and Hospitals. NPS essentially helps Indian Patients to experience the clinical benefits of new and latest medications approved by US FDA and EMA (European Medical Agency). While many of the Drugs imported into India under the provisions of Named Patient Medicines or NPM are Lifesaving in nature, there are many more therapeutic options that can help in prolonging survival with improved quality of life. Treatment segments like Cancer Care & Management, Hematology, Stem Cell Transplantation, Solid Organ Transplant, Infectious Diseases & Critical Care Management, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Endocrinology and Pediatric Nephrology are known for progressive research, leading to Novel Drug Discoveries across the world. Because of the statutory provisions of Import Medicines for Personal Use in India, eligible patients need not wait for the right treatment options to be formally available. Noel Biotech facilitates end-to-end import process for the benefit of patients seeking novel treatment solutions.

Reference Listed Drugs India

Effective management of Reference Listed Drugs (RLD) Supply in India has been at the threshold of Pharmaceutical Research and Development. Indian Drug Discovery and Development majors have been looking for ways and means to accelerate growth and proactive introduction of superior therapeutic solutions for the benefit of Indian patients. Noel Biotech has the know-how and capabilities to efficiently manage the Procurement and Logistics Processes of Importing Comparator Molecules to India. Our solution driven approach to RLD Supplies in India will inspire enough confidence to carry on with R&D and Clinical Research across multiple locations in India. From procuring small quantities for product characterization to scheduling on time delivery of comparator drugs supply in India, our team has the expertise to enable hassle free supplies to Pharmaceutical Companies.

Clinical Trial Supplies India

Worldwide Clinical Trial Supplies may no longer be a challenge from the logistics and supply chain management perspective. However, access to genuine sources for Procurement and On-Time Delivery to meet up with ongoing Clinical Research Demands remains a critical challenge for Indian CROs. Noel Biotech plays a very important role in overcoming uncertainty or ambiguity in relation with CRO or Clinical Trial Supplies to multiple locations in India and multiple global locations. Indian CROs can expect great level of transparency when they deal with us. It is but natural for CROs to find our approach very effective in simultaneously scheduling Clinical Trials at different locations and continue with ongoing research at tandem. We understand all the intricacies associated with Clinical Research and align ourselves with our clients’ evolving priorities and preferences.

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