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Sotorasib for Named Patient Import

Sotorasib for Indian Patients

Sotorasib is a new anti-cancer medication available in the international markets. It is a medication recommended by the Oncologists for lung cancer treatment. It is indeed a targeted therapy approved for treating the tumors with any KRAS mutation. This FDA approved drug is developed and promoted by Amgen. Its introduction in the market has expanded the options for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treatment. It is developed as a medication for oral use and known by its brand name Lumakras. Lumykras is its alternative trade name.

Lumakras in India is not easily accessible when compared to the other countries. Lumakras 120 mg tablets are sourced from the global markets. This can be done by applying for import license in patient’s name. Named Patient import the way to approach for patients prescribed to use Sotorasib in India. Officially procuring prescription medicines has many advantages in terms of the product quality. It is always recommended to use only original products.

Lumakras in India? Consider our assistance

Our services are designed to assist patients who can benefit from advanced products currently unavailable in India. Our team is known for its proven track record and reputation when it comes to quality and reliability. When you look for Sotorasib price in India, we will help you to completely understand the commercial aspects. Patients are often misguided by lower quotes with hidden charges. We connect you with sources that are trusted for their delivery capabilities in India. Our expertise will be a clear advantage for you.

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