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Elotuzumab for Named Patient Import

Elotuzumab for Indian Patients

Elotuzumab is one of the advanced FDA approved medications for the management of relapsed multiple myeloma. This is a drug of choice in this setting, preferred by Hematologists from the US and Europe. It’s also a medication preferred by Indian consultants. Considered to be the first Monoclonal Antibody drug in the management of relapsed or refractory MM, this benefits the adult patients. Bristol-Myers Squibb is credited for developing this innovative drug. Empliciti is its trade name and is available as Empliciti 300mg and Empliciti 400mg Vials in the western markets.

Elotuzumab or Empliciti in India is a restricted drug from the perspective of domestic approvals. The reason being Empliciti in India is yet to obtain its commercial registration. However, this shouldn’t limit the Indian patients from procuring Elotuzumab through Named Patient Import. 300mg and 400mg vials may be imported through global suppliers only for the sake of patient benefits.

Elotuzumab in India? Ask for expert support.

When recommended to use Elotuzumab or Empliciti, you may want to act immediately to find out the best ways and means to source the medicine. When you choose to consider our services, we engage experts in the field to provide you the best assistance. You can explore all the possible options and make a well informed choice. The bottom-line is important from the viewpoint that adequate experience of sourcing Elotuzumab supply in India is crucial. The process may look complex, but you have nothing to be stressed about when we take care of the complete documentation process.

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