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Genetic Metabolic Disorders

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Treatment for Genetic & Metabolic Disorders India

Clinically referred as Orphan Diseases, Genetic & Metabolic Disorders are being effectively diagnosed in India, owing to the advancement in Molecular & Genetic Diagnostic innovations. The feasibility of treatment in-line with global standards has also been evolving in India, as much as the evident improvement in the scope of diagnosis. Noel Biotech has been making a significant headway with its focus of facilitating awareness and access to some of the most advanced therapeutic solutions, exclusively developed for the treatment of Orphan Diseases. Many such metabolic disorders are being diagnosed in the specialty segments of Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Endocrinology, Immunology, Hematology and Gastroenterology. Our approach to proactively engage with the treating physicians and provide a comprehensive solution for every patient from the perspective of treatment planning and scheduling would help in improving the clinical outcomes.

Global Collaboration for Rare Diseases Treatment India

Noel Biotech in India is clearly aligned with the objectives of Global Innovators and Pharmaceutical Companies working on the drug research & development for Rare Diseases. We provide a complete logistics solution for companies aspiring to extend their research and clinical benefits to Indian Patients. Noel’s know-how of the Indian regulatory and statutory norms clubbed with our experience in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals shall inspire enough confidence for global manufacturers to work in tandem with us. We also believe in creating futuristic and sustainable value based businesses processes that will enable Pharmaceutical entities to look forward to well defined and streamlined patient services. Noel Biotech effectively operates on behalf of global entities without active presence in India by absolutely complying with their specifications and protocols.

Rare Diseases Management India

Improved access to advanced therapeutic solutions for Indian patients through expert physicians in India is a key aspect of Noel’s vision. In line with our commitment, we closely work with reputed Hospital Groups and Consultants. Right from the treatment planning to the delivery of medications, we assist Healthcare Professionals in India according to their advice and preferences. We are also conscious about the chronic nature of various metabolic disorders and accordingly develop long term solutions with possible cost benefits for patients. By working proximately with several Patient Advocacy Groups in India, we jointly help patients in decision making and various processes of importing specialty medicines for Rare Diseases Management.

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