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Miglustat for Named Patient Import

Miglustat for Indian Patients

Miglustat is one of the well-known drugs for the treatment of type I Gaucher disease. It is known to be a rare disease medication. It is an innovation of Oxford GlycoSciences. This FDA approved medication is promoted by Actelion Pharmaceuticals. This oral medication is sold as Zavesca, its trade name. It is now available in many regions including the US, Europe and Middle Eastern markets.

Zavesca in India may not be easily accessible the way it is in other regions. Zavesca 100mg capsules can be sourced from the global markets after applying for mandatory licenses. In case of patients looking for Zavesca in India, Named Patient import is the prescribed legal option. Officially procuring prescription medicines from different parts of the world is always recommended.

Miglustat in India? Allow us to help.

Our services are centred around assisting the patients who require advanced products that are not available in India. We have a proven track record of facilitating the access and supply of lifesaving medicines. We will take care of all the process related requirements and assist you with documentation. The sources we connect you with are authentic and trusted for their experience. Our expertise in handling products similar to Miglustat in India will be your advantage.

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