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Cobimetinib for Named Patient Import

Cobimetinib for Indian Patients

Cobimetinib is FDA drug prescribed for specific indications of Metastatic Melanoma. Considering the few therapeutic options for such disorders, this drug is considered to be very significant. It is prescribed as a combination medication. Developed by Exelixis and Genentech, Cobimetinib is promoted by Roche and its trade name is Cotellic.

Cobimetinib or Cotellic in India can’t be purchased by the patients through normal process. This requires special import permit or license procured in patient’s name. Cobimetinib in India can be sourced and supplied through legal channels for personal use. Cotellic 20mg is available in a pack of 63 tablets.

Cobimetinib in India? Seek help from professionals.

Any patient in India looking for reliable global suppliers who can source Cobimetinib in India, we are available for you. Our team has experience and necessary expertise in order to support Indian patients through the complete process of import. We connect patients with suppliers who are familiar with Indian context of import and are duly authorized to handle specialized products like Cotellic.

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