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Nelarabine for Named Patient Import

Nelarabine for Patients in India

Nelarabine, an advanced FDA Approved drug is prescribed for patients diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. T-Cell ALL is one of the rare Blood Disorders and can be effectively treated with Nelarabne in India. Manufactured and promoted by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Nelarabine is known by the trade names - Atriance or Arranon. Atriance in India is one of the high-end drugs recommended by the Hematologists. Atriance or Nelarabine in India is prescribed with advanced planning and preparation by the treating physicians. It has limited access because Atriance in India is not formally approved by the Indian authorities. But, patients can avail the special provisions of Named Patient Import and procure Nelarabine through legal channels of Import. Atriance 250mg can be imported from multiple European sources

Nelarabine in India? We will assist you

If you are a patient in India, recommended to use Atriance or Nelarabine in India, we can help you with necessary procedures and authentic access. We are a dedicated team of professionals who understand the nitty-gritty of the Named Patient Import Process. We support Indian Patients who require expert assistance by helping them contact with genuine suppliers. We ensure the suppliers we recommend are duly licensed and have the expertise of handling speciality drugs like Atriance or Arranon.

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