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Ponatinib for Named Patient Import

Ponatinib for Indian Patients

Ponatinib is approved by the US FDA for the treatment of malignancies like CML and AML. These are different types of Leukaemia, conventionally known as blood cancers or disorders. Ponatinib is marketed by the trade name Iclusig, promoted by Incyte and Takeda in different parts of the world.

Iclusig or Ponatinib in India is not available for free pharmacy counter access because of regulatory reasons. This is one of the advanced medications that are yet to be approved by the Indian drug regulatory departments. Ponatinib is commercially accessible as Iclusig 45mg and Iclusig 15mg Tablets worldwide. Indian patients have the option of legally importing this drug with due licensing for personal use.

Ponatinib Price in India? We assist Indian Patients.

Patients in India who are recommended to use Ponatinib or Iclusig can officially import this medication in limited quantities as per the prescription. Our team has the expertise of assisting patients through the process from time to time. We help with genuine access of Ponatinib in India through authentic sources. These are duly authorized suppliers from reputed global locations with adequate experience of Iclusig supplies.

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