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Vemurafenib for Named Patient Import

Vemurafenib for Patients in India

Vemurafenib is an US FDA approved drug for the treatment of an advanced cancer type known as Malignant Melanoma. Vemurafenib is also indicated for the treatment of Erdheim-Chester Disease (ECD). Developed by Genentech, this drug is known by its trade name Zelboraf. Its global marketing and distribution is managed by Roche.

Vemurafenib or Zelboraf in India has availability concerns because it is not approved by the Indian agencies yet. Zelboraf 240mg is commercially available in various regions of the world. It can be legally imported by the Indian Patients. Named Patient Import of Zelboraf facilitates legal procurement of medicines like Vemurafenib for individual use.

Vemurafenib in India? We help you.

Our team is the best avenue for patients requiring end to end assistance in procuring and sourcing Zelboraf. We have the know-how and necessary expertise in supporting Indian patients through the documentation and legal processes. Once you share your requirement with us based on your treatment recommendations, you can expect us to provide you with various options of import. You will be assisted through licensed global suppliers and distributors who also have the prior experience of supplying Zelboraf in India.

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